Keys to choosing the ideal baby blanket to keep your little one warm and comfortable


When a baby arrives home, ensuring its well-being is an absolute priority. One of the must-have baby accessories are blankets. In the first months of life, a baby spends a lot of time sleeping and we want to make sure they sleep peacefully and comfortably. That's why choosing a good quality blanket is essential for our baby to stay warm whether at home or out and about. 

If you don't know what features a good blanket should have, don't worry, we tell you everything you need to know to choose a blanket for your little one!

Baby in a bed playing with a blanket

Baby blanket: What qualities should it have?

  • Composition: babies have very delicate skin and for this reason it is recommended to use natural fabrics such as cotton. Acrylic fabrics are also a good choice for the well-being of children as they are very light and warm, but the most important thing is that they are hypoallergenic so they are ideal for children with allergy problems.

  • Softness: It is essential that the material that is in contact with our baby's skin is extremely soft to avoid any kind of irritation or discomfort. In this sense, blankets with velvety textures are perfect, as they provide a delicate and soft sensation to the touch, thus ensuring the comfort and well-being of our little one.
Texture detail of a baby blanket
  • Weight: the perfect blanket will be one that is not too heavy so that our little one feels comfortable and can move around under the blanket. It should be borne in mind that being lighter does not mean that the blanket will be less warm, as how warm it is depends on the material and not on its thickness. The weight of the ideal baby blanket is approximately 300g.
  • Baby blanket size: for the baby blanket to become an indispensable companion, it must have the ideal shape and size to adapt to all situations. After much research and numerous tests we came to the conclusion that the perfect size for the baby blanket is 100x70 cm. This size is perfect as it fits cots, sofas, prams and car seats.
  • Quality: the quality of the blanket is important if we want it to last. Opting for a brand whose preference is to manufacture quality textiles will always be a good idea. If it is also a sustainable brand that is committed to the production of textile products that respect the environment, so much the better. 
  • Prints: opting for brands with original and colourful prints will cheer up your baby and help to encourage their imagination. If you are tired of polka dots and stars and typical colours such as pink or blue, don't hesitate! Look for an original blanket for your baby like Blankets Of The World baby blankets.
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What are the uses of a baby blanket?

The main function of a baby blanket is to keep the baby warm at all times, but it can also help our little one not only feel comfortable while sleeping, but also feel safe and calm as they are wrapped in a pleasant fabric. 

As we have already mentioned, the blanket can be a very versatile baby accessory if the size and shape are right. It can be used to cover our baby in the cot, sofa, pram or car seat. In addition, in summer we can lay our little one on the lawn, isolating it from the ground.

Girl with cuddly toy and blanket on a bed

Types of baby blanket:

There are different types of blankets available on the market, and it is important to choose the right one for your baby.

  • Cotton blankets: Blankets made of cotton are soft, breathable and safe for your baby's sensitive skin. Both conventional cotton, organic cotton and recycled cotton offer similar characteristics.
  • Woollen blankets: Wool is a natural material that provides warmth and insulation. However, be aware that woollen blankets can be itchy and cause irritation to your baby's skin.
  • Muslin blankets: These blankets are lightweight and breathable, ideal for warm climates. They are also known for their softness and ability to regulate body temperature.
  • Blankets made of acrylic fabrics: Acrylic fabrics are a great choice for children's well-being as they are very light and warm. Their most important characteristic is that they are hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for children with allergy problems. Another of their benefits is that in general this type of fabrics wrinkle less and are more resistant to washing cycles.
  • Crochet blankets: this type of blanket is normally made with cotton or wool yarns, so the characteristics in these cases would be similar to those mentioned above. It must be said that, although they are very pretty, they tend to be more delicate to washing cycles and have a tendency to get caught on some elements such as buttons or clips. With some skill, time, a few needles and a few balls of yarn, you can make it yourself!
Girl covered with a blanket in a field

Personalised baby blankets

Embroidering the baby's name on the blanket is an ideal detail to personalise his or her blanket. It can also be a great gift for a newborn baby. The baby blanket is a textile accessory that will last for a long time, something that does not happen with other things for babies, such as clothes, which they outgrow very quickly.

Personalised baby blanket

The importance of sustainability in baby blankets:

In the search for the perfect blanket for your baby, the importance of sustainability should not be overlooked. 

Opting for blankets made from sustainable materials is not only beneficial for the environment, but also demonstrates a commitment to the future of the planet we are leaving for future generations. 

By choosing blankets made from cotton, bamboo or recycled fibres, you are helping to reduce your environmental impact and promoting more responsible production practices. In addition, many sustainable brands also care about fair working conditions, ensuring that the creation of these blankets is not only earth-friendly, but also friendly to the people who make them. 

By investing in sustainable baby blankets, you are making a conscious decision that not only benefits your baby, but also the world around them.

Choosing the best blanket for your baby

In short, a soft, warm and light blanket will always be an ideal choice to keep your baby warm.

Take into account the size so that it is versatile and you can use it comfortably on different occasions.

Finally, go for quality blankets and sustainable brands such as Blankets Of The World where we created the WE CARE program through which we manufacture sustainable textiles that stand out for their quality and commitment to the environment.

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