How to decorate with cushions, the secret of homes with personality


Decorating with cushions is a simple, inexpensive and creative way of adding personality to your home.  In fact, cushions are a must-have accessory! Combining different types of decorative cushions will not only bring comfort and warmth to your room, but will also allow you to transform neutral spaces into cosy places. And that's not all, cushions have also made their way into the 2023 decorating trends, where reversible cushion covers stand out, adding even more versatility to this home accessory that we love so much. Fancy giving your home a new look without investing in new furniture? Read on to discover 7 ideas for decorating with cushions.

Living room with ethnic textiles

Ideas for decorating with cushions

These simple tips can be applied to any room in your home to add that "spark" of personality.

1- Dare to mix and match prints:

Break the monotony by mixing boho cushions in different styles or combine them with plain cushions for contrast. You can place them in between, on top of the sofa or the bed.

Ethnic bedroom mirror reflection

2- Neutral background, boho cushions:

There is a combination that never fails: neutral background, boho chic cushions. The minimalist aesthetic loses all its charm if it is not accompanied by accessories with personality. Boho or ethnic cushions are ideal for placing on top of sofas in neutral tones (beige, grey, light brown...) or on top of a white or monochrome duvet cover.

3- Experiment with different textures:

As well as experimenting with different patterns, you can also play with textures. A good option is to combine the soft and pleasant texture of shaggy cushions with more fibrous natural textures. This mix will bring a casual, ethnic touch to your home.

4- Create your own colour palette:

Not everything goes when it comes to combining different decorative cushion covers. Our recommendation is to create your own colour palette. This year, earthy tones are the trend: terracotta, yellows, greens... Experiment and make your own combinations until you find the one you like best.

5- How to display cushions:

Decorating with cushions doesn't just mean choosing the right prints and textures. Thinking about how to place them is just as important. Bedroom cushions look great if they are lined up straight and vertically in the centre, while on sofas we can play with the corners and distribute them in a more casual style.

Sofa with white sheepskin cushions

6- Idea for decorating a guest room with cushions:

It is very common to have a single bed or small sofa bed in the guest room. Often, this room is the most abandoned room in the house, as we use it the least. However, it is possible to give it a cosy feel with the right accessories. A good idea is to place a beautiful ethnic blanket on top of the single bed and surround it with boho cushions for a sofa effect. This decoration works very well when the bed is attached to the wall or placed in a corner.

Ethnic style bedroom in maroon tones

7- Mix up the size of your cushions:

Another way to decorate with cushions is to play with different sizes, a very common style in double beds. You can place a large square cushion in the centre and two smaller ones on either side, or make two or three rows of cushions and arrange them in order from largest to smallest.

Have fun decorating

As you can see, decorating with cushions can be a very creative and fun task, capable of completely transforming the style of a room. For this, two sides cushions will be your best allies, as you can change the style of your home in just a few seconds, depending on how you're feeling today, the season or your inspiration. If you also opt for sustainable decoration brands such as Blankets of the Word, you will not only reduce your ecological footprint, but you will also be contributing to projects that protect the environment and are committed to local manufacturing.

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