The blanket as a yoga prop


The use of 'props' or aids in the yoga postures is a method already used by ancient yogis. As the practice of yoga has progressed, different types of yoga have appeared in which the use of props is common, such as Iyengar yoga or restorative yoga.

The props make each person improve their Sadhana (study and practice of yoga) as their use helps to maintain correct alignment in the asanas (postures), helps performing more demanding postures, makes it easier to stay longer and relax in challenging asanas to feel their benefits, encourages the study of the postures at a deeper level and prevents injuries.

There are various types of supports that can help us feel the benefits of yoga during our practice: belts, blocks, bolsters, chairs, blankets, yoga wheels...

We suggest you our blankets for your yoga practice. Both our Original collection and our Soft collection are good options to use during the practice.

Yoga mat, strap, blocks and blanket

How to use the yoga blanket?

It is used especially in Savasana posture, the final relaxation posture, to cover yourself and keep warmth. Our Soft collection is perfect for covering up, it is light, soft and warm. If you like neutral colours, the Maya or Hudson Point models are perfect for you. If on the contrary, you like more colourful blankets, the Inca or Mapuche models are characterized by their prints and colours.

Restorative yoga blankets are also very common as working with supports, in addition to relaxation and breathing, is one of the goals of this style of yoga.

It can also be used as a meditation blanket. We can fold the blanket and get a 'meditation cushion' for a more comfortable position for our back or we can cover ourselves with it to keep warmth during meditation. We recommend the Aztec model or Hacienda model from the Original collection for use as a cushion, as they are thick blankets and we will get more height when folded.

It is also common to use the blanket as a support to improve posture and avoid injuries to knees, heels, buttocks, shoulders, neck... If we want a thicker support we can use the Hacienda or Baja models from the Original collection. If we are looking for a thinner support, the models from the Soft collection or the Amado blanket from the Original collection are more suitable for this purpose.

Whether you want a beach yoga blanket or a rug to put your yoga mat on at home, with the Original collection you won't fail. The Original collection is characterised by its thickness, making it ideal for use as yoga rugs or blankets.

Acroyoga on the beach on a blanket

How to practice yoga asanas with a blanket?

We can practice various yoga postures with blankets.

In asanas such as halasana or sarvangasana it can be placed under the shoulders to avoid neck injuries.

Paschimotanasana requires flexibility. Sitting on a folded blanket will help keep your back straight and prevent the lumbar and dorsal area from curving by moving your shoulders forward and closing your chest.

In positions such as Virasana, if we feel pain the knees, we can sit on a block, cushion or a folded blanket.

In Prasaritta Padotanasana we can rest the crown of our head on a block or a folded blanket if we have difficulty in reaching the floor with our head.

Practicing savasana laying on staggered blankets to open the chest and facilitate breathing or supporting the chest and head on balasana to relieve back pain are other examples of restorative yoga poses with blankets.

Girl doing restorative yoga with blanket

How to fold or roll a yoga blanket?

The blanket is one of the most versatile supports for the yoga practice as it allows different ways of folding or rolling it. Whether you fold it or roll it up, you must do so carefully to prevent wrinkles from forming. We recommend the Original collection for thicker supports and the Soft collection for thinner supports.

Savasana with blanket rolled up under the knees

What should the yoga mat look like?

When choosing a yoga mat, you must take into account the material, thickness and size.

Our blankets are made from recycled and resistant materials. They can be easily washed in the washing machine. In addition, we have blankets of different weights and materials that allow you to fold them easily and different thicknesses depending on the use you want to give it.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi we encourage you to try our blankets, the yoga accessory you can’t miss!

Balasana on yoga blanket
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