In BlanketsOfTheWorld we work to become a company that generates a Positive Impact on our planet, betting on the production of quality textile products that respect the environment and improve people's lives. To achieve this, we work very hard every day to offer the most sustainable option on the market by focusing on local manufacturing, the use of recycled raw materials and the elimination of plastic from our packaging. 

Programme WeCare Blankets Of The World
100% recycled yarn made in Europe

The use of recycled materials for the manufacture of our products is our greatest environmental commitment. In this way we not only reduce the amount of textile waste in landfills and the CO2 generated by the burning of such waste, but we also avoid pollution from the use of pesticides derived from the crops for the production of textile fibres and reduce the consumption of water and energy derived from the processes of cultivation and manufacture of conventional textile fibres.


More than 70% of the textile products sold in Europe are imported from countries outside the European Union, mainly from Asia.

At BlanketsOfTheWorld we are committed to local production, thus guaranteeing fair working conditions, supporting the local economy and reducing polluting emissions from the transcontinental transport of goods. For this reason, 90% of our products are manufactured in Europe, and we hope to reach 100% very soon.

Handloom for sustainable blanket production
Sustainable packaging

One of our next challenges is to make our packaging 100% ecological for all our products.

We currently use reusable and recyclable materials derived from paper and cardboard, minimising the use of plastics, but we know we can go further.

Our next challenge is to eliminate the remaining plastic from adhesive tapes, glues or vacuum packed products.


For every product sold on our website we plant 1 tree.

We collaborate with reforestation projects in different parts of the world. In this way we compensate the CO2 derived from our activity and at the same time we contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the communities where they are developed.

You can see our forest here: BlanketsOfTheWorld x TreeNation 

Planted Trees CO2 compensation
'A grain of sand does not make a mountain.
A drop of water does not form an ocean.
One seed does not create a forest.
Yet every grain, every drop and every seed counts.'