At the beginning of 2019, two traveling spirits shaped Blankets Of The World.

After a time traveling through different countries such as Morocco, Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, India or Nepal, seeking connection with nature and satisfying our thirst to know different countries and cultures, we discovered our passion for crafts and the symbolism of ethnic designs .

All this was materialized in the form of a textile product, more specifically in handmade blankets made with a lot of love which remind us every day of all those wonderful places, their people and the experiences lived.


We believe in love, in respect, in empathy, in reaching out to others, in social equality, in human rights and in smiling every day.

We are committed to the life of any living being, biodiversity, sustainability, responsible consumption, the environment and the equitable distribution of natural resources avoiding overexploitation.

For all this, we believe it is necessary to live, feel, laugh, travel, explore, enjoy and get to know a wide variety of cultures and traditions that are at the same time so different and so equal.


Our passion for traveling and the culture of the places we visit come together in this project with values and commitments for which we bet daily and define our future.

Our products reflect the art and tradition of places that we love intensely and where we always want to return.

For this reason, we work with local producers, offering them a small world of opportunity and we make our blankets with recycled fibers, giving a second life to materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

We enjoy the path we follow.

"Let's go for the pleasure of going."




I studied industrial engineering, I am passionate about the online world and one of my main interests is to create value from sustainability and the improvement of social conditions.

I am hard-working, curious and quite self-taught.

I am passionate about the sea, sports and sailing.


Product Manager

I am an architect and after a time working in different firms, I decided to embark on the adventure of having my own business.

I am passionate about the world of decoration, interior design and the creation of spaces that convey peace and harmony.

I practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis.