blanket Navajo Garnet

Navajo Garnet

Super cool!
Vielen dank!

By: Laurenz 1 Weeks  ago
blanket Mohawk Blue

Mohawk Blue

Me encanta! Se nota que todo está hecho con mucho cariño.

By: Berta 2 Week  ago
blanket Maya Purple

Maya Purple

The blanket is simply perfect and delivery was on time.

By: Cindy 2 Week  ago
blanket Aztec Soft Cocoa

Aztec Soft Cocoa

Big and warm, just what i expected.
I love it!

By: Tariq 2 Week  ago
blanket Monterey Grey

Monterey Grey

I really like the blanket.
It arrived with a small defect and it takes a few days to change it.

By: Céline 2 Week  ago
blanket Aztec Soft Garnet

Aztec Soft Garnet

Le cadeau de Noël parfait.
L'emballage est génial.

By: Gilles 2 Week  ago
blanket Monterey Turquoise

Monterey Turquoise

Nice blanket for my van!

By: Christina 3 Week  ago
blanket Hacienda Camel

Hacienda Camel

Las mantas son preciosas.
Geniales para mis sesiones de yoga!

By: Sara 3 Week  ago
blanket Inca Yellow

Inca Yellow

Compré una manta para regalar en navidad y fue todo un éxito.
Super chula, suave y llegó en 24h.

By: Gonzalo 3 Week  ago
blanket Monterey Camel

Monterey Camel

Vielen Dank, die Decke ist wunderschön

By: Petra 3 Week  ago
blanket Mapuche Garnet

Mapuche Garnet

The blanket is beautiful.
The package arrived a bit dirty.

By: Elisabeth 3 Week  ago
blanket Navajo Camel

Navajo Camel

Grand et très joli, emballage très cool.

By: Vincent 4 Week  ago
blanket Hacienda Grey

Hacienda Grey

Très joli article , authentique, De belle qualité artisanale,la couleur correspond exactement à la photo , je suis ravi ! L’emballage est aussi très bien pensé, il rend l’article simple et précieux...

By: Werner 1 Months  ago
blanket Aztec Soft Brown

Aztec Soft Brown

Cool blanket and good quality.

By: Maria 1 Months  ago
blanket Mapuche Blue

Mapuche Blue

I love the design and colors and it's super soft.

By: Anna 1 Months  ago
blanket Hudson Point White

Hudson Point White

Nice blanket, really soft and warm.
Shipment was 4 days.

By: Philip 1 Months  ago
blanket Inca Red

Inca Red

The blanket is perfect for my sofa.
The shipment delayed a couple of days.

By: Ines 1 Months  ago
blanket Hacienda Green

Hacienda Green

Bello caldo morbido fantastico semplicemente

By: Annunziata 2 Month  ago
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