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The Inca blanket is inspired by the Peruvian alpaca blanket. Andean textile art is one of the oldest textile traditions of the Peruvian Andes.

The Andean textiles had a religious, social and political importance. The Incas expressed their cosmovision and their sense of space. In addition, weaving was a sign of social position.

Chusi textiles were used to make alpaca rugs and blankets. The state distributed wool to the families for the making of blankets, and they were obliged to weave one blanket a year.

The Andean textile design was characterized by its geometric designs, which were achieved by the repetition of figures placed in an orderly manner. These designs could be simpler, with long bands or large squares, or more complicated, with series of geometric, figurative or zoomorphic motifs.

The Inca blankets are reversible and can be used on both sides to complement a boho-style decoration or to give a boho chic touch to more Nordic or natural decorations. They are nice warm blankets; their soft touch and large size allow you to enjoy cold days on a sofa in winter. As they are made with light materials it is easy to take them on trips, to the beach or to the mountains. Its characteristics make it ideal to use as a yoga blanket, either for meditation or in asanas like savasana.

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Inca Red Blanket: Warm, light and soft blanket.

Perfect as a sofa or bed blanket, it will add a touch of boho and colour to your home decor.  Made from 100% recycled materials in Europe.

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