Decorate your house with boho style blankets


Blankets not only for warmth

The blanket is a versatile, warm and cozy garment. Who hasn't curled up with a cosy warm sofa blanket and enjoyed a rainy afternoon? The blankets are an ideal complement to enjoy cold autumn and winter evenings on the sofa or in bed.

Also, they are an essential accessory in any house, they bring warmth and have an important role in the decoration. We can find them in different textures, materials, thicknesses and colours which allow us to play to enrich our home spaces.

We propose a selection of blankets to decorate your house and to spend a cozy winter at the same time.

Boho living room decorated with ethnic blankets

Boho blankets and decoration

If you are in love with the boho chic style, do not be afraid of combining carpets, cushions, puffs and blankets on a neutral base so that the result is not too strident as this style is characterised by the combination of vibrant and very intense colour textiles.

Our Hacienda or Monterey blankets are a perfect option to place a boho floor rug and dress the floor of your house adding colour and warmth. Feel free to mix our tribal blankets, such as Navajo or Mohawk blankets, inspired by American Indian culture, as this style is characterized by mixing objects and textiles from different cultures to create a rich and welcoming atmosphere.

Living room with ethnic rug

The Nordic style decoration has been popular for years, in which light colours predominates on walls, floors and furniture. Textiles are no exception!

Our green/beige Maya reversible blanket model is a clear example. But if you are looking for a more cheerful touch, the cushions, rugs, blankets and other textiles are the ones to give that colourful touch. Although the Nordic decorations are sober, the textiles with prints or geometric motifs never fail. Our Azteca Soft model is a colorful throw blanket printed with a central diamond with which you can get a touch of colour and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Ethnic style is in fashion. If you're looking to recreate the essence of South America in your home, native print blankets with bright colours can be the perfect accessory. Our Inca and Mapuche blankets are ideal as they are inspired by the Peruvian and Chilean textile tradition and are characterized by their colourfulness and prints. Combine them with each other, with other textiles or even with other decorative objects such as lamps or some plants or cactus.

If you are looking for a colorful blanket to dress your home or to curl up on your sofa wrapped in a soft warm blanket, our Soft blanket collection is for you. Its wide range of colours allows you to create warm and cosy atmospheres for autumn and winter. Colours like red, ochre, green, tile, earth... are perfect to achieve that effect. In addition, they are characterized by their large size and softness being at the same time very light but warm.

Outdoor cushions and blankets can make the difference in the decoration of your terrace or garden. Carpets, cushions and blankets are essential for creating terraces or corners at ground level. Combine the Original collection to cover the floor with a bohemian rug, a must for this style of terraces, or to cover the floor cushions with our aztec print blanket Aztec or Baja blanket. In addition, with the Soft blanket collection, you will have the indispensable complement to enjoy the terrace or porch in winter.

Create small boho corners, like a colourful reading corner. Next to a window or next to a fireplace, put an armchair, coloured cushions and carpets, plants, candles... to enjoy a good time of reading.

Detail of sofa with ethnic blanket

Spend a warm and cosy winter

When the cold comes, it's time to take out blankets! Spend a warm winter thanks to the comfort of our blankets. Both the Original collection and the Soft collection are an indispensable complement to dress and warm your home and to spend pleasant winter evenings.

Girl reading on sofa with ethnic blanket
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