With the birth of our project and giving meaning to it, our campaigns were born.
An action for each season of the year, since, like the weather, our needs change.
In this way, we actively collaborate and raise awareness about different social and environmental issues that we consider a priority.
'A grain of sand does not make a mountain.
A drop of water does not form an ocean.
A seed does not create a forest.
Yet every grain, every drop, and every seed counts. '


boho blanket
For every boho throw blanket sold on the web we donate a warm blanket to people who need it.

Winter is a cold season. 

We are aware that many people lack resources and do not have access to a place of refuge to protect themselves. 

BlanketxBlanket was born as a claim against the problem of covering people's basic needs.


boho throw blanket
For every blanket sold on the web we plant a tree. 

In spring the forests bloom and fill with color. 

The current speed of global deforestation due to slash and burn is greater than ever and growing exponentially. 

BlanketxTree launches a cry to raise awareness about the importance of forests and the conservation of the world ecosystems.


warm blanket
For every blanket sold on the web, we collaborate with the cleaning of the oceans. 

With summer comes the heat, it is vacation time and the beaches and oceans are full of people. 

The oceans cover more than two-thirds of the earth's crust. Its pollution is already unsustainable and marine creatures are losing their natural habitats. 

BlanketxOcean aims to emphasize the importance of our seas and oceans as sources of life and to preserve them in good condition.


For every blanket sold on the web we collaborate with school education.

The arrival of autumn is accompanied by going back to school after the summer holidays.

Children represent our future. Theirr education and their values ​​are fundamental to creating the path that tomorrow's world will take.

BlanketxSchool arises to highlight the importance of the education and schooling of the little ones.

We carry out our actions through different platforms and organizations specialized in each subject.