Blanket Mapu Brown


The Mapu blanket is inspired by the Makuli, a Mapuche garment of the Chilean indigenous people.

Mapuche textile art is one of the oldest cultural traditions of the people of Chile. Its history dates back to a myth. The mother spider, who is the great weaver of nature, transmitted her weaving techniques to the first woman of the Mapuche people and she was the one who passed on this wisdom.

Women were associated with the textile tradition since their childhood. They helped to collect elements from nature, such as leaves or fruits, in order to dye the wool. They also helped with the carving of the wool and started spinning it.

The native American designs and patterns reflect cultural content. The Makuli is a garment only for men. In the symbols of each garment we can see the socioeconomic condition of its owner (how many women he has, if he has horses, arable land, powerful brothers, etc.) and its origin (if he is from the coast, the valley, the pre-Cordillera or the Trans-Andean).

The colours of the Mapuche textiles seek to imitate the colours of the rainbow and the colours that the sky displays between the drizzle and the sun.

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Mapu Brown blanket: boho style sofa blanket.

The Mapu Brown blanket is a cosy, soft and light blanket. Its boho and colourful design is perfect to give vitality to your home. Perfect to enjoy on the sofa or bed all year round. 100% recycled and made in Europe. 

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