Baby Blanket Mapu Blue


The Baby Blanket Mapu Blue is inspired by Mapuche textiles. The colours of Mapuche textiles seek to imitate the tones of the rainbow and the shades of the sky between rain and sun. The Mapu blanket stands out for its blue colour and its coloured stripes that give it a cheerful touch. 

This blanket, with dimensions of 100x70 cm and 100% recycled, stands out for being extra soft, warm and cosy. It is the ideal choice for babies, as it will keep them warm and comfortable. It is versatile and adapts to different uses, whether in the cot, rocker, car seat or pram.

The design of this blanket is made up of geometric shapes and vibrant colours that are ideal for stimulating and keeping babies happy. It's also the perfect addition to add that touch of vibrancy you're looking for in your little one's room.

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Baby Blanket Mapu Blue: the soft and cozy blanket for babbies

The Baby Blanket Mapu is the essential soft and warm baby blanket for your little one to sleep peacefully, warm and comfortable. Its touch is very soft and pleasant. Its print and colour will give the touch of colour you are looking for to the bedroom of the little one in the house.

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