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The yoga blanket is one of the most versatile yoga accessories as it has several functions within the practice. It can be used as a support or prop for some asanas (yoga postures). It is also commonly used to cover oneself during savasana and meditation.


Halasan with blanket under shoulders.

Protect your neck and spine

Relieve the pressure on your neck by folding and placing the blanket under your shoulders. This creates more space and protects your neck.

Knee supported on blanket.

Cushion your joints

Use the blanket as a support and give more cushioning to your joints to avoid injuries in knees, heels, elbows, shoulders, neck...

Paschimottanasana sitting on a blanket.

Improve your posture in some asanas

Bend and sit on the edge of the blanket. This way you will gain height in the hips and your spine will stay straight more naturally and with less effort.

Savasana covered with a blanket.

Keep warm in relaxation and meditation postures

After yoga and when we are in the Savasana position or in meditation, the body temperature can drop. Cover yourself with the yoga blanket and feel its pressure on your body. It will not only help to keep you warm but will also help you to relax.

A good yoga blanket should be of high quality in order to get the most out of its use and to last for a long time. It has to be made of materials that give it softness and at the same time be compact. As for the size, it should be the right size to cover you well.


Lightweight, soft and durable material

Made from materials such as cotton or wool and made in the perfect way to get the softness and firmness you need to use for your yoga practice.

Savasana with blanket rolled up under knees.

Good thickness

Different thicknesses that adapt well to your needs and allow you to cushion and protect the parts of the body you need (knees, elbows, shoulders, ...).

Bakasana resting the head on a blanket.

Large size: 150X200cm

All our blankets have a size of 150x200cm so that you can cover your body well in savasana and meditation.

Paschimotanasana with blankets between legs and torso.

100% recycled and made in Europe

We reduce our environmental footprint and are committed to the production of quality blankets that respect the environment and improve people's lives.

Yoga accessories: blanket, mat, blocks and strap.


Inca Yellow Blanket: Warm, light and soft blanket. Perfect as a sofa or bed blanket, it will add a touch of boho and colour to your home decor.  Made from 100% recycled materials in Europe.
Cherokee Jade blanket: 100% recycled vegan blanket with boho style. Extra soft blanket to keep out the cold in winter and enjoy the warmth of your home. Thick and very warm. The jade green Cherokee Jade blanket is...
Colibri Anthracite Blanket: soft and decorative blanket. The Colibri Anthracite blanket is the perfect blanket to enjoy on your sofa or bed thanks to its softness and lightness. Made with 100% recycled materials it...
Mapu Blue blanket: boho style sofa blanket. The Mapu Blue blanket is a cosy, soft and light blanket. Its boho and colourful design is perfect to give vitality to your home. Perfect to enjoy on the sofa or bed all...
Huitzilin Camel: extra soft and warm camper blanket. Extra soft camper blanket. Enjoy your van adventures with the Huitzilin Camel blanket. Thick, warm and cosy, it is the perfect complement to protect you from the...
Chacana Cioccolato blanket: bed plaid or sofa blanket with boho style. The Chacana Cioccolato blanket is the perfect bed plaid or boho blanket to enjoy at home during the winter. Very soft and warm, it is made with...
Cusco Burgundy blanket: thick blanket with ethnic style. Enjoy the warmth of your home with the Cusco Burgundy blanket. Thick, warm and cosy. In burgundy and coloured stripes, it is the perfect sustainable complement...
Azteca Soft Garnet blanket: large blanket with ethnic style. The Azteca Garnet is a maroon coloured blanket that will bring liveliness and colour to your sofa or bed for you to enjoy this winter. You will be...
Stripped Maya Green blanket: soft, light and colourful blanket. Colourful blanket. The green tones of the Stripped Maya Green blanket will bring a cosy touch to your home and its boho design is perfect to enliven a...
Himba Terracota blanket: soft and eco friendly blanket 100% recycled. Eco friendly blanket to keep out the cold in winter thanks to its warmth and softness. Enjoy your home with the Himba Terracotta blanket for bed...


The Blankets Of The World yoga blankets are the perfect prop for my yoga classes and practice. They are perfect to use as an aid to feel the benefits of challenging poses. They also have a super soft and nice feel for covering up during savasana and meditation and are super eco-friendly!
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Halasana with blanket under the heels.

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