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The baby blanket is a very versatile accessory if we choose the right size and shape. It can be used to cover the baby in the cot, on the sofa, in the pram or in the car seat. Even in summer, we can use it to place the baby on the lawn and isolate it from the ground. Therefore, it is essential to know how to select the ideal blanket, as it will guarantee our little one's comfort in different situations.


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It is advisable to use natural fabrics such as cotton as babies have very sensitive skin. However, another highly recommended option is acrylic fabrics as they are hypoallergenic, lightweight and warm, making them an ideal choice for children who suffer from allergies.

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The material that is in contact with our child's skin must be as soft as possible so that no rubbing can hurt him. For this reason, blankets with velvety textures are ideal.

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Size and weight

A blanket that does not weigh too much to allow our little one to move and be comfortable will be the ideal baby blanket. As for the size, it is best if it fits cots, prams, car seats and sofas. This way we will have a very versatile blanket.

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Choosing a good blanket is essential for it to last. Choosing a brand that produces with high quality materials will always be the best option. If it is also a sustainable brand that respects the environment, much better.

The main function of a baby blanket is to keep your baby warm at all times. However, it also plays an important role in providing comfort during sleep and creating a sense of security and reassurance by being wrapped in a cosy fabric. In this way, the blanket not only provides warmth, but also contributes to the baby's emotional well-being by creating a cosy and protective environment.


Cheerful and colourful blankets

Tired of polka dots, stars, pink and blue? Wrap your baby in ethnic and colourful prints that bring that much-needed cheerfulness and encourage their imagination.

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Lightweight, soft, warm material

Made from a blend of cotton and acrylic textiles and made in the perfect way to achieve the softness the little ones need without losing one of its indispensable properties: warmth!

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Size 100x70cm

This size of blanket allows you to place it in the cot and carry it in the pram or car seat without having too much blanket and allows you to cover your baby and keep him or her comfortable at all times.

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Easy maintenance

Babies tend to stain and we know how important it is for a garment to be easy to wash. That's why our blankets can be washed at home in the washing machine on a delicate programme and dry quickly so it won't be a problem to keep them clean.

Ethnic baby blanket

100% recycled and made in Europe

We reduce our environmental footprint and are committed to the production of quality blankets that respect the environment and improve people's lives. Teach your child the values of sustainability from an early age!

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Blankets Of The World baby blankets are sustainable blankets with a boho soul. They are inspired by ethnic designs from different tribes around the world. They are characterised by their prints and bright colours that identify different ethnic groups from countries such as America, Africa or Asia. They are made in Europe with 100% recycled materials from post-consumer textiles and recycled plastic bottles. You will be surprised by their softness and warmth, as well as their lightness and warmth.

Inca Yellow Blanket: Warm, light and soft blanket. Perfect as a sofa or bed blanket, it will add a touch of boho and colour to your home decor.  Made from 100% recycled materials in Europe.
Cherokee Jade blanket: 100% recycled vegan blanket with boho style. Extra soft blanket to keep out the cold in winter and enjoy the warmth of your home. Thick and very warm. The jade green Cherokee Jade blanket is...
Colibri Anthracite Blanket: soft and decorative blanket. The Colibri Anthracite blanket is the perfect blanket to enjoy on your sofa or bed thanks to its softness and lightness. Made with 100% recycled materials it...
Mapu Blue blanket: boho style sofa blanket. The Mapu Blue blanket is a cosy, soft and light blanket. Its boho and colourful design is perfect to give vitality to your home. Perfect to enjoy on the sofa or bed all...
Huitzilin Camel: extra soft and warm camper blanket. Extra soft camper blanket. Enjoy your van adventures with the Huitzilin Camel blanket. Thick, warm and cosy, it is the perfect complement to protect you from the...
Chacana Cioccolato blanket: bed plaid or sofa blanket with boho style. The Chacana Cioccolato blanket is the perfect bed plaid or boho blanket to enjoy at home during the winter. Very soft and warm, it is made with...
Cusco Burgundy blanket: thick blanket with ethnic style. Enjoy the warmth of your home with the Cusco Burgundy blanket. Thick, warm and cosy. In burgundy and coloured stripes, it is the perfect sustainable complement...
Azteca Soft Garnet blanket: large blanket with ethnic style. The Azteca Garnet is a maroon coloured blanket that will bring liveliness and colour to your sofa or bed for you to enjoy this winter. You will be...
Stripped Maya Green blanket: soft, light and colourful blanket. Colourful blanket. The green tones of the Stripped Maya Green blanket will bring a cosy touch to your home and its boho design is perfect to enliven a...
Himba Terracota blanket: soft and eco friendly blanket 100% recycled. Eco friendly blanket to keep out the cold in winter thanks to its warmth and softness. Enjoy your home with the Himba Terracotta blanket for bed...


Blankets Of The World baby blankets are the perfect accessory for the family little ones. Their ethnic, cheerful and colourful prints are perfect to bring a touch of joy and encourage their imagination. Their composition provides a super soft and pleasant touch that will keep your baby warm on the coldest days and make them feel comfortable at all times. What's more, they are super environmentally friendly!
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