Blanket Maya Purple


The Mayan blankets are inspired by the Peruvian and Mayan textile tradition.

In the Mayan culture, weaving is one of the most important signs of identity. The symbols represented in the Mayan prints have different meanings. The butterfly represents freedom, the serpent protection and the tree the man who is born, grows, reproduces and dies.

The diamonds represented on this blanket symbolize the sunsets and sunrises in the desert.

The Peruvian blankets are known as ‘frazadas’. They are hand woven, with sheep's wool dyed with elements from nature, by Aymara women. The Aymara women use ancient techniques inherited from generation to generation. These blankets are used to protect people living in cold rural villages in the Andes. Their colours have a special meaning. The red represents the Andean cereal, the yellow the sun, the green the coca leaves or the black the Mother Earth.

The Maya Blanket is a big and soft blanket. They are perfect to decorate different rooms or corners of the house thanks to their range of colours. Its pleasant touch makes it ideal to use as a sofa blanket or as a cover blanket for bed. Its lightness makes it the perfect travel or picnic blanket as it can be easily carried. Due to its characteristics, it is excellent as a meditation blanket to keep warm.

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Maya Purple blanket: boho blanket for sofa or bed.

Boho blanket to decorate and enjoy any corner of your home. Soft, warm and light. The Maya Purple blanket, in purple and terracotta, will bring vibrancy and colour to your sofa or bed for you to enjoy this winter. 100% recycled and made in Europe.

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