Aztec Mazatlan XL

The Aztecs wore colorful blankets created from cotton and agave fibers which they dyed with natural colours obtained from insects and fruits. It was believed that wearing bright colors brought favors from the gods and kept the evil spirits away.

Woven with a mixture of acrylic cottons through pedal looms in northern Mexico, these blankets are characterized by their colorful patterns and their bright strips that frame a traditional central motif, a dentate diamond.

The use of acrylic cotton threads makes it a very durable and functional blanket, being perfect for outdoor adventures or simply being a cozy blanket for your couch. It is also perfect to use as homedecor or to practice yoga.


Composition: 100% Acrilyc
Size: 152x214 cm
Weight: 554gr/m2

Washing instructions: Wash in cold water / Do not tumble dry / Do not bleach / Do not iron

Due to the handmade nature of the blankets, small variation on the colours could be found.
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