Blanket Tutsi Mustard


The Tutsi blanket is inspired by the fur of zebras. Animal skins have been part of the clothing of human beings practically since time immemorial to protect them from the weather. The first cavemen already used the skins of the animals they hunted to clothe themselves and protect themselves from the cold. Later, as humans evolved, animal skins became a symbol of wealth and social status rather than a need for warmth. In various African societies, leopard skins, for example, had political, social and even religious value. Thus, African tribal chieftains wore animal skins to demonstrate their status as chiefs.

Its ethnic design is ideal to get a boho touch to your African chic home decor as it is a piece with a trendy ethnic design that is very easy to combine.  Its softness and warmth makes it the perfect blanket for winter.

The Tutsi blanket is available in four colour ranges to suit your home decor. 

This blanket is ideal for adding a touch of mustard colour to your décor and is a warm colour that goes well with earth tones, browns or black.

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Tutsi Mustard blanket: light and warm travel blanket

The Tutsi Mustard is a striped blanket with an ethnic print. Soft and cosy, it is a very warm blanket. Black and grey, it stands out for its terracotta coloured stripe. Perfect for any corner of your home or as a travel blanket thanks to its lightness. Made with 100% recycled materials in Europe.

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