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The Zulu blanket is inspired by the bogolan, a traditional African fabric closely linked to the culture of Mali. The word bogo means mud and lan means to make, so bogolan means made with clay. These fabrics are characterised by their colours, which are obtained from natural plant pigments, and by their patterns. 

Traditional bogolan is characterised by the contrast of black and white, while modern bogolan incorporates earth tones. Their geometric shapes and symbolism are based on the culture and customs of the people. The meaning may vary depending on how they are placed and how they are linked to other symbols. 

This green and black blanket designed from African fabric patterns is ideal for adding a fresh touch to your warmly decor as it is easy to fit in with any style of home décor. It is also perfect to keep warm in winter thanks to its soft touch and as a decorative complement to your living room or bedroom.

The Zulu blanket is available in four colour ranges to suit your home decor. 

Combine it with other green blankets such as the Tuareg Forest, Chacana Pistacchio or Stripped Maya Green blankets in a room with white, brown or earth tones.

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Zulu Pistaccio: ethnic sofa plaid.

Green and black blanket to decorate your home. The Zulu Pistaccio blanket is perfect for the sofa or bed. It is soft, light and very warm. Made in Europe with 100% recycled materials.

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