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How should I wash my blanket?

The yak is a wild species that lives in the cold deserts of Nepal. The shepherds,by hand, comb the fur of the yak to obtain the fibers which are used to make the fabrics of these blankets. These fibers are soft but very resiliant and they are classified into four main colors: cocoa, cinnamon, silver and platinum.

The artisans spin and weave these fibers using ancestral techniques to make these blankets, being characterized by having the typical colors obtained when brushing the yak, combined with geometric motifs.

Yak wool is durable, breathable, lightwieght and has thermal properties that maintain the temperature in winter. Therefore, theses blankets are characterizad by their extreme softness, resistance and warmth. Perfect to protect you from the cold in winter or for those chilly summer nights by the fire. The use of this wool is also a way of preserving the ancestral lifestyle of ancient grazing.


Composition: 50% Yak Wool / 40% Acrylic / 10% Cotton
Size: 92x208 cm
Weight: 254gr/m2

Washing instructions: Wash in cold water / Do not tumble dry / Do not bleach / Do not iron

Due to the handmade nature of the blankets, small variation on the colours could be found.
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