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The Striped Mayan blanket is inspired by two important textile traditions: the Peruvian textile tradition and the Mayan tradition.

In the Mayan culture, weaving is one of the most important signs of identity. Mayan textiles are characterised, among other things, by their symbols. Each symbol has a different meaning. The butterfly represents freedom, the snake protection, and the tree the man who is born, grows, reproduces and dies.

Another common symbol of the Mayan designs, represented in this blanket, are the long lists. These lists or lines refer to agricultural motifs, such as the furrows that open in the earth for sowing or the rainbow, which alludes to rain.

The ‘frazada’ is the handcrafted Peruvian alpaca throw blanket. They are hand woven, with alpacas’ wool dyed with elements from nature, by Aymara women. The Aymara women use ancient techniques inherited from generation to generation. The Peruvian Andean blanket is used to protect people in rural villages in the Andes from the cold temperatures in winter. The designs are created spontaneously, without any designed pattern. Their motifs are inspired by the surrounding fauna and flora such as the llama, the condor, the puma, the snake, the mountains and the lakes. The colours have a special meaning. Red represents the Andean cereal, yellow the sun, green the coca leaves or black the Mother Earth.

The Striped Maya Blanket is a light, soft and large sized blanket. Thanks to its colouring it is perfect for decorating different rooms or corners of the house. Its pleasant feel and size makes the Maya Blanket an ideal couch throw blanket. Moreover, its lightness makes it the perfect travel or picnic blanket as it can be easily carried.

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