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The Hudson Point blanket is inspired by the Hudson Bay blankets, also known as Point Blankets. The Point Blankets had several short lines known as 'dots' sewn onto one of their edges and were characterised by being a striped blanket with several coloured bands at each end.

The dots began to be used to indicate the size and value of the blankets. French traders introduced this system in their trade with Native Americans in exchange for beaver skins.

Many native peoples appreciated the point blankets for their insulating qualities and for being water-repellent. Colour was an important factor; colours and their intensity often had a spiritual significance. In addition, the way a blanket was worn could, according to the tradition of some cultures, express a particular status or attitude or emotion of the wearer.

The Hudson Point blankets are pleasant to the touch, perfect for use in winter and for protecting from the cold on sofa evenings by the fireplace. Its range of colours makes it an ideal element to use as a decorative blanket at the foot of the bed, armchair or sofa. Its size is perfect to take it to the beach or to have a picnic in the country. It is also ideal as a travel blanket, as its light weight makes it easy to carry. As a yoga blanket it is perfect for keeping warm in postures such as savasana or for meditation.

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