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The Navajo blanket is inspired by the Native American Indian blanket; made by Native Americans, it is characterised by its geometric patterns.

The first Navajo style blankets were very thin and had horizontal stripes and very simple patterns in red. They were high quality blankets that only chiefs or rich people could afford, that is why they were called chief blankets.

The patterns changed over time. From the first Navajo pattern with horizontal stripes they went to red rectangular designs and finally to designs with red diamonds. The Navajo had black, grey and white wool, they also imported red thread and dyed wool with indigo to obtain blue colour.

Navajo Indian blankets changed when the railway came, which brought cheap blankets and dyed wool. Navajo artisans began to weave for non-natives. Some traders encouraged Native Americans to weave other patterns into the blankets such as large and colourful geometric patterns, cattle or diamond-like patterns.

You can give a boho touch to your home decoration by using it as a decorative bed throw blanket or placing it on the sofa. Its soft touch makes it a nice blanket to spend rainy afternoons at home.

As it is a big but light blanket, it is ideal to take on trips, to the beach or for picnics. Its characteristics are perfect for use as a yoga blanket during savasana or meditation.

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