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The hummingbird was the protector of warriors and messenger of the gods. The Aztecs associated the hummingbird with Huitzilopochtli, their god of war. For the Mayans, hummingbirds carried the good thoughts of other men. So, if someone wishes you well, the hummingbird will take that wish and bring it to you. Aztec and Mayan tradition are united in this blanket through the representation of the hummingbird.

Printed with ethnic motifs such as the hummingbird from Aztec and Mayan legends and finished with black fringes this decorative throw blanket for sofa is very pleasant to the touch, making it the ideal blanket to spend warm evenings at home during the winter.  

The Colibri blanket is available in four colour ranges to suit your home decor. 

The Colibri Terracotta blanket stands out for its clay tone that can be easily combined with a wide variety of colours, from light tones such as white to darker tones such as brown, black or grey.

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