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This blanket is inspired by the chacana cross, a square, stepped cross suggesting a pyramid with stairs on all four sides. Chacana means ladder or bridge, but it also has a higher meaning pointing to the union between the low and the high, the earth and the sun or the human being and the superior and thus takes on the meaning of a ladder to the highest. Today the Aymara culture, an indigenous people of South America, still reproduces the graphic on their textiles.

The Chacana Brina blanket is finished with mustard and brown tones. This earth tones give warmth to the blanket.  Its print makes this blanket the perfect complement to an ethnic or boho cosy home decor. It is an extra soft blanket ideal for this autumn and winter. 

The Chacana blanket is available in four colour ranges to suit your home decor. 

Because of its colours, it is very easy to combine with a wide variety of tones. We suggest you combine it with brown, grey, earth or mustard colours.

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